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Polarosi kids leggings

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Don't let the cold mornings or evenings catch you unprepared.
Don't let the cold mornings or evenings catch you unprepared.Polarosi leggings will keep you pleasantly warm even at lower temperatures, as they are thicker and enable you to enjoy all activities. Carefully designed Polarosi material provides a thermal effect, but at the same time the leggings are heavenly soft. They have a high and comfortable waist so that you can move freely and be limitless in everything you do. Enjoy a warm LELOSI hug and seize the wonderful miracles of days.

What will impress you the most?

  • Heavenly comfort of LELOSI fibers
  • Double-layer material for improved thermal effect
  • Suitable as thermal underwear
  • Comfortable and breathable material, that lets the skin breathe
  • Quick-dry
  • High and soft waist
  • 0% transparency

Leggings Polarosi Nero Kids

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