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The secret is in the material

Perfection may not exist, but we at LELOSI have come very close to it. Our products are distinguished by the softness of the material, comfort, and exceptional durability. Artificial LELOSI fibers are the best approximation to natural organic silk. Gentle, but extremely durable fibers are designed to fit like your second skin, and the lightweight material allows you to move without feeling restricted.

LELOSI fibers have been designed as a reconstruction of natural material and combine strength, tenderness and softness of silk, with the emphasized durability and elasticity that contribute to sustainable use. The innovative membrane creates airflow and wicks away moisture, providing long-lasting comfort in a wide range of situations. Through series of improvements and practical user testing, we have brought the entire process to a stage, where our material is ready to be known by the whole world. We offer exclusive comfort for our users, who only want the best.

An innovative way of thinking about fabrics

We believe that, with a help of modern science, natural fiber reconstruction can replace silk fibers, and improve and strengthen them with the help of technological processes. Just like the world's top chefs create their own spice blends for their dishes, we have also chosen materials that, with a combination of unique properties, provide superior comfort. That's how we got the softest, strongest, and at the same time the most comfortable fabric that is the basis of our clothing production.

LELOSI fibers offer an exceptional softness and ability to breathe and wick away moisture, and our clothing will feel like your second skin. At the same time, they maintain the body's natural ability to regulate heat. This means they cool you down during physical activity, and provide warmth when temperatures drop. In the vicious circle of fast fashion, which has a great impact on the environment and people, it's important to consider the extended life of clothing. That's why we strive to make LELOSI clothing sustainable and, with proper maintenance, durable even in more demanding conditions. We put special emphasis on elasticity and comfort. We had enough, we don't need any more clothes that are too tight in the morning and too loose at the end of the day, make your skin itch and are translucent. With our clothes you will be fresh, young, and full of energy.

When comfort becomes your style

An important part of well-being is also your good look, so we gave special attention to creative fashion designers with exceptional ideas. The combination of unique designs and the unsurpassed perfection of LELOSI fibers ensures the best experience, which is confirmed again and again by a large group of satisfied users. Our models are manufactured in limited quantities and with an emphasis on quality.

At LELOSI, we pay a lot of attention to development and innovation in the textile field. We believe our customers deserve uncompromising quality, so our models are designed with a vision of sustainability and comfort, which also makes them enviromentally friendly. Our motive is having better fibers that allow for a better life.