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General questions

How do I wash LELOSI products? Can I dry them in the dryer?
We recommend washing them on a delicate laundry program at 30 degrees. It's very important to turn the prints on the inside.
Drying in the dryer is not allowed.
Do not use bleach!
How do I know which size to choose?
When choosing the correct size, you can help yourself with the size table that is posted next to every item on our website. If you can't decide on the appropriate size even after you checked the table, please contact us at info@lelosi.com and we will help you.
Are LELOSI leggings transparent?
The leggings are not transparent. Partial transparency can only occur when the wrong size is chosen - in this case the material can be overstretched, so choosing the right size is important.
In an ad, on Facebook, on a friend... I saw a LELOSI product, which is not in the collection on the website. Can I order it anyway?
Because the offer of our items is often refreshed, so that they can stay unique, you can only choose from items that are in stock on the website. Other models are unfortunately sold out.
Are LELOSI leggings suitable for pregnant women?
LELOSI leggings have a high waist, are very stretchy and do not feel restricting, that's why many pregnant customers love to wear them. However, it also depends on the body, the size of the abdomen etc.
Are LELOSI leggings suitable for intense exercise?
The material of the LELOSI leggings is very different from the material of classic sports leggings. Many customers are happy to use them for yoga, pilates and walking. However, be aware that intense exercise can damage the fibres and cause wear and tear.

Payments, returns and exchanges

How can I pay for my LELOSI order?
Supported payment method on page is payment by credit card.
The courier did not provide me with an invoice and/or a receipt of payment. Is that ok?
Couriers do not deliver invoices, and they are not included in the parcel. The invoice is automatically sent to your e-mail address upon successful receipt of the shipment.
I would like to receive a company invoice for my order. How can I get it?
Send us your company data and the list of items you would like to order to info@lelosi.com, and we will send you a pro forma invoice. The invoice for an online purchase that was already issued can not be changed.
The size of products I received doesn't suit me. Can I change them? What is the procedure?
Unfortunately, an exchange of the returned product is not possible. After the package has been returned to us and checked, will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as the initial transaction unless agreed upon otherwise. You can order the same item again.
The products I received don't suit me and I want to return them. Can I do that? What is the procedure?
Of course you can return them. Please search for the form for refund. You will receive all the information there. If you have any more questions please contact us at info@lelosi.com and we will be happy to help you.
The products I received are damaged. What can I do?
We kindly ask you to send us a photo of the damaged items to info@lelosi.com. We will find a solution and try our best to resolve the problem in the best case for you.