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Relaxed straight leggings

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Introducing Relaxed straight leggins!
Introducing Relaxed straight leggins!

Our commitment to the heavenly comfort of fiber will once again take you over the top, as we've combined stretchy material that maintains the skin's natural breathability and wicks away moisture, so you'll be comfortable all day long, whether you're playing sport or relaxing.

We follow modern trends, so the Relaxed straight leggings with a high and soft waist are the perfect solution when you don't want to wear tight clothes. So that you can choose the perfect ones for you, we also thought about the length of the leggings - you can choose between classic, shortened and extended lengths.

Get ready for maximum comfort with Relaxed straight leggings. They stand proudly alongside all our previous collections of leggings and pants, so don't hesitate to choose.

What will impress you the most?

  • Heavenly comfort of LELOSI fibers
  • Stretchable, breathable, and moisture wicking material
  • Proven LELOSI quality
  • Straight leggings
  • Comfortable high flattering waist
  • On-trend look

Relaxed leggings Black Widow

36.00 €

Relaxed leggings Blue Tornado

36.00 €