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Kids pyjamas

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Children are our greatest treasure.
Children are our greatest treasure.We care about their well-being greatly, because we want them to be happy, smiling and playful and spread positive energy everywhere.

The LELOSI collection of children's pyjamas, full of cute, playful and interesting designs, was created for this very purpose: to bring joy. Kids will simply fall in love with the softness of the material, which gently pampers the skin, and the comfort of the cut, and they will not want to take it off. And once they will choose their favorite color design, they will probably want to wear these pyjamas even to school. Who would blame them? LELOSI comfort is always the best choice.

What will impress you the most?

  • Heavenly comfort that pampers your skin
  • Exceptional softness of LELOSI fibers
  • Warm material that breathes and wicks away moisture
  • Relaxed and comfortable fit
  • Soft grip on the wrist and ankle area
  • High and soft waist, for even more comfortable sleep







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Kids pyjamas Shark

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Boy's pyjamas Brayden

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Boy's pyjamas Dogfish

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Boy's pyjamas Grizzly

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