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Hoodie Zermatt

52.00 €

Jeans Vibrant

69.00 €

Brazilians set Olympus

18.00 €

Pullover Cyberpunk

47.00 €

Leggings Polarosi Borealis

41.00 €

Leggings Move Spell

53.00 €

Pyjamas Yeti

55.00 €

Leggings Neve

35.00 €

Move Top Lucy

37.00 €

Long skort Allure

46.00 €

Trackpants Pyrenees

51.00 €

Leggings Belinda

44.00 €


4,9 (60 reviews)
LELOSI never fails to deliver the comfiest products and equally good customer service.👍 My first ever purchase were leggings when the pandemic started and I worked from home a lot. Started with leggings, now I got 10 of those, 2 pajamas and tracksuits on the way! 😅
Elena D.
The leggings I have from LELOSI😍 are absolutely the comfiest and the material is stunning! I have multiple pairs of the the regular long leggings and it feels like being wrapped by a cloud!!💜💜 If you hate tight bodyshaping leggings and just want a casual leasurewear, this shop is what you're looking for!
Simone S.
LELOSI is my favourite brand. I have already bough three leggings and I love the pajamas as well. Fits properly and doesn't hinder the waist. All products have a high waist that is so soft, but somehow still shapes the body. Love their tracksuits as well, kudos for the color combinations!
Anna D.C.

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