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Perfection may not exist, but we at LELOSI have come very close to it. Our products are distinguished by the softness of the material and comfort. Gentle, but extremely durable fibers are designed to fit like your second skin, and the lightweight material allows you to move without feeling restricted.



Based on 51 ratings.
LELOSI never fails to deliver the comfiest products and equally good customer service.👍 My first ever purchase were leggings when the pandemic started and I worked from home a lot. Started with leggings, now I got 10 of those, 2 pajamas and tracksuits on the way! 😅
Elena D.
The leggings I have from LELOSI😍 are absolutely the comfiest and the material is stunning! I have multiple pairs of the the regular long leggings and it feels like being wrapped by a cloud!!💜💜 If you hate tight bodyshaping leggings and just want a casual leasurewear, this shop is what you're looking for!
Simone S.
LELOSI is my favourite brand I have already bough three leggings and I love the pajamas as well. Fits properly and doesn't hinder the waist. All products have a high waist that is so soft, but somehow still shapes the body. Love their tracksuits as well, kudos for the color combinations!
Anna D.C.