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Men's Tights Jason

37.00 €

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Why you will like it

Excellent elasticity
Heat-regulating fabric
Material that preserves the natural breathing of the skin
Unique design and colors
Story time
Jason is perhaps most well-known for his ill-fated romance with the sorceress Medeia, but this ancient Greek hero was also the leader of the Argonauts whose travels aboard the legendary ship Argo took him all over the Mediterranean. Jason's maritime adventures inspired the new ocean-blue LELOSI design and whenever you wear it, you will feel like a fearless explorer, sailing over deep Mediterranean waters.
Mild wash at 30 °C. Use suitable washing program and avoid high spinning cycles.
Do not bleach
Do not iron
No tumble drying
Dry in shade
- 84 % polyester
- 16 % elastane

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