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No compromises, just the soft comfort of LELOSI

Many expectant mothers are wondering where to find elegant and comfortable maternity clothing when anticipating their bundle of joy.

It’s time to get creative, especially in the first few months, when all your existing clothes miraculously shrink. One of the best pieces of clothing is certainly a soft sweatsuit that feels like a nice warm hug. However, when the occasion calls for a not-so-sporty attire, we happily suggest you choose LELOSI leggings.

Our loyal customers have given us a lot of positive feedback. Most of them mention that they can keep wearing their regular size, at least till the end of the second trimester, as our leggings are extremely elastic and comfortable. Stretchy high waist does not cause pinching and keeps the leggings from rolling down. Young mothers are also thrilled with the non-transparent fabric, which keeps them confident all day round.

Let LELOSI clothing pamper you throughout your pregnancy – with timeless classic long leggings, short leggings designs for spring and summer and soft tracksuits for maximum comfort at all times.

Perfection may not exist, but we at LELOSI have come very close to it.
8 cm high waist
0% transparency
Heat- regulating fibers
Excellent elasticity
Material does not cause itching
Material that breathes and fits
Over 800.000 happy customers
Limited edition of unique patented designs
The most comfortable leggings for the day
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The most comfortable leggings for the day

Leggings Nola

44.00 €

Leggings Sara

44.00 €

Leggings Elisa

44.00 €

Leggings Gloria

44.00 €
Warm and soft tracksuits to keep you cozy
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Warm and soft tracksuits to keep you cozy

Trackpants Aspen

50.00 €

Trackpants Zermatt

50.00 €

Trackpants Kitzbühel

50.00 €

Hoodie Aspen

52.00 €
Feel like sleeping on the softest cloud
See pyjamas and sleep shirts
Feel like sleeping on the softest cloud

Hotty pyjamas Anchor

41.00 €

Pyjamas Cecilia

59.00 €

Pyjamas Yasmin

56.00 €

Pyjamas Astrid

56.00 €



We recommend washing them on a delicate laundry program at 30 degrees. It's very important to turn the prints on the inside.
Drying in the dryer is not allowed.
Do not use bleach!

When choosing the correct size, you can help yourself with the size chart that is posted next to every item on our website. Your usual size should be a good fit for the fist 5-6 months of your pregnancy. Later, if you require it and have this option, go one size up. It really depends on the individual.
If you can't decide on the appropriate size even after you checked the table, please contact us at info@lelosi.com and we will help you.

The leggings are not transparent. Partial transparency can only occur when the wrong size is chosen - in this case the material can be overstretched, so choosing the right size is important.

We do not have a special pregnancy line. LELOSI leggings have a high waist, are very stretchy and do not feel restricting, that's why many pregnant customers love to wear them. However, it also depends on the body, the size of the abdomen etc.

We get many compliments from our pregnant ladies. They especially like the comfortable material and elastic waistband.

Unfortunately, an exchange of the returned product is not possible. After the package has been returned to us and checked, will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as the initial transaction unless agreed upon otherwise. You can order the same item again.

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