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AirMesh Trackpants Night jaguar

44.00 €

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Why you will love it
Unique, daring styles
Breathable material
Air mesh
LELOSI fibers have been designed as a reconstruction of natural material and combine strength, tenderness and softness of silk, with the emphasized durability and elasticity. Read more ➔
For our AirMesh pants, we used the same material that you already know and love from wearing our leggings. In addition, the soft LELOSI fibers ensure a perfect fit and are unsurpassable and pleasant to the touch. AirMesh pants are thus the ideal choice for almost any occasion: try them on and be enchanted by their extraordinary new style, which is also incredibly comfortable.
Story time
Night falls and darkness envelops the jungle. The world seems to be going to sleep, but a shadow flickers through the undergrowth. It's time for the jaguar to make his nightly rounds. The grace of this elegant stalker is undisputed - silently making its way across the nighttime forest, it's a vision of stealth and strength. We wanted to channel this energy to our new irresistible LELOSI design.
Mild wash at 30 °C. Use suitable washing program and avoid high spinning cycles.
Do not bleach
Do not iron
No tumble drying
Dry in shade
- 84 % polyester
- 16 % elastane

Second fabric:
- 80 % nylon
- 20 % elastane

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