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Zipper Vintage
Zipper Vintage
Zipper Vintage
Zipper Vintage

Zipper Vintage



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    • Exceptional warmth and softness of LELOSI fibers
    • Breathable and non-itchy material
    • Unique print and color selection
    • Hidden zipper
    • Wide fit hood
    • Side pockets with a zipper
    • Comfortable 'slim' fit
    • Sewn LELOSI logo
    Fashion will always revolve just like the earth around the Sun, always to end up at the beginning of all things. For that reason, Vintage will never die with its amazing style and timeless allure. Nature will always be a part of it, just as we are part of nature; with its amazing floral designs on a black background, the Vintage design is made out of the softest LELOSI fabric. It is a true adventure to enjoy through the softest touch and feel of the old.
    Machine wash cold
    Do not bleach
    Do not iron
    No tumble drying
    Dry in shade