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    • Heavenly comfort of LELOSI fibers
    • Stretchable, breathable, and moisture wicking material
    • Well-known LELOSI quality
    • 0% transparency, squat proof
    • Over 800.000 happy customers
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    We might be towards the end of the spring right, now but it’s not at a loss as flowers and scented perfumes embalm the atmosphere. Come out and feel the warmth of the sun caressing your skin, wearing the stuff of heavens.

    The Spring fabric embodies the same emotions and feelings the actual season brings to our hearts. That renewed hope for new beginnings and better things comes out like a cascade of tumultuous waters, through a gorgeous mix of red and black.

    Such strong contrasts turn the soul and as well as the desire to feel and enjoy life; just like a flower with its limited life span, one should always seek to live her life to the fullest by enjoying the very things that give meaning to the everyday life.

    Feel great and energetic at the same time, with the choice that will turn your day brighter, and not for a single moment regret that you chose yet again to be alive, and happy!

    Machine wash cold
    Do not bleach
    Do not iron
    No tumble drying
    Dry in shade