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Leggings Space

35.00 €

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Why you will love it
Excellent elasticity
Heat-regulating fabric
Breathable material
Unique patented design
LELOSI fibers have been designed as a reconstruction of natural material and combine strength, tenderness and softness of silk, with the emphasized durability and elasticity. Read more ➔
Story time

For ages men have been wondering what secrets the vastness of space might hold and each time they discovered something, more secrets emerged from behind.

We tried to embed the same type of symbolism and vibe in the Space model by giving it a gist of the mystery of the skies at night. The same depthless and mythical allure can be found in the fabric and design, and that’s pure nectar for the soul.

Imagine yourself wearing the depthless of the space, one that’s both comfortable and fancy looking at the same time. The best fabrics and tailoring were used here to offer you a one of a kind feeling while wearing the cool designs of the Space model.

Machine wash at 30 °C
Do not bleach
Do not iron
No tumble drying
Dry in shade
- 84 % polyester
- 16 % elastane

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