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Short sleep shirt Snooze

Soft and comfortable short sleep shirt

39.00 €

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Why you will like it

Heavenly comfort of LELOSI fibers
Heat-regulating fabric
Stretchable, breathable, and moisture wicking material
Wide selection of unique designs and colours
LELOSI fibers have been designed as a reconstruction of natural material and combine strength, tenderness and softness of silk, with the emphasized durability and elasticity. Read more ➔
Story time
You're lost in a dream, floating away on a fluffy cloud of comfort. Suddenly, the dreaded sound of your alarm pierces through the serenity. Groggy and disoriented, you fumble for the snooze button. "Just one more minute of blissful sleep," you tell yourself. Our playful design pays tribute to the feeling when you're just not ready to bid the dreams farewell quite yet.
Mild wash at 30 °C. Use suitable washing program and avoid high spinning cycles.
Do not bleach
Do not iron
No tumble drying
Do not dry clean
- 84 % polyester
- 16 % elastane

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