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Long hoodie Geneva

Long hoodie with thermal effect

56.00 €

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Why you will love it
Double-layer material for increased warmth
Comfortable and breathable material
Longer cut
Great match with our Polarosi and Long leggings
Story time
As dawn breaks over Geneva's misty lakefront, tranquillity envelops the senses and wonder fills the air. The soft caress of mist, the whisper of gentle ripples, and the hushed ambiance create a magical atmosphere. Capturing this dreamy scene, our Geneva design embraces the allure of misty mornings. Wearing it, you will feel as if you're part of a beautiful dream.
Mild wash at 30 °C. Use suitable washing program and avoid high spinning cycles.
Do not bleach
Do not iron
No tumble drying
Do not dry clean
- 91 % polyester
- 9 % elastane

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