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Hoodie Calm
Hoodie Calm
Hoodie Calm
Hoodie Calm
Hoodie Calm
Hoodie Calm

Hoodie Calm



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    • Exceptional warmth and softness of LELOSI fibers
    • Breathable and non-itchy material
    • Unique print and color selection
    • Wide fit hood
    • Comfortable ''oversized'' fit
    • Wide pocket
    • Sewn LELOSI logo
    The world we live in seems caught up in pure madness, with people always rushing everywhere as if the end of times will come tomorrow. During these troubled times, you need the touch of calmness to let you feel the world for what it is and to enjoy its beauty. Beautiful in design and with the touch of the softest LELOSI fabric, the Calm comes as the perfect choice to help you relax and breathe in for a glimpse; you’ll see the world belongs to you!
    Machine wash cold
    Do not bleach
    Do not iron
    No tumble drying
    Dry in shade