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Capri Spider
Capri Spider
Capri Spider
Capri Spider
Capri Spider

Capri Spider

29 €

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    • Heavenly comfort of LELOSI fibers
    • Stretchable, breathable, and moisture wicking material
    • Well-known LELOSI quality
    • 0% transparency, squat proof
    • Over 800.000 happy customers
    • Large selection of limited edition designs

    Despite the social prejudice, spiders are some of the most majestic creatures out there, and their creations are nothing but true works of art. This is the case with our clothing, that have been created to mimic the same elegance and strength that comes with a spider’s web.

    You can rest assured that nothing comes out of place when it comes to the spider model; the intricate design dazzling to the eyes, comes with an exquisite fabric meant to caress the skin allowing it to breathe and feel like there are no boundaries. Your comfort and style are here to underline your natural beauty and eccentric vibe, unique just as a spider’s web.

    Machine wash cold
    Do not bleach
    Do not iron
    No tumble drying
    Dry in shade