LELOSI Bamboo material

At LELOSI, we followed trends and listened to our customers, and the result is our first collection made of bamboo, a revolutionary sustainable material that will impress you with its endless comfort. Explore unique designs and dress in softness that will absolutely charm you.
Introducing Bamboo Brilliance from LELOSI

Bamboo loves the sun, drinking in the rays and reaching up to the sky. Perhaps it’s this love of warmth and brightness that makes bamboo clothing so haltingly perfect for the summer. Lightness, breathability and softness. These qualities are harnessed through an eco-friendly manufacturing process to produce beautifully elegant, practical pieces that even block harmful UV rays.

At LELOSI, we believe that looking good is all about feeling good. Our goal is for you to look good and feel great - the natural way. That's why we have developed a new, revolutionary bamboo material, which sets new standards in fashion.

Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, extremely soft and allows the skin to breathe. At the same time, it wicks away more moisture than even the best organic cotton. We are sure that bamboo will quickly become one of your favorite materials.

We pride ourselves on taking the long way round. Shortcuts in fashion often have a devastating impact on the environment, on culture and on well-being. Our new summer bamboo range has been sourced from sustainable crops, and the manufacturing process has been meticulously developed to be in harmony with the natural world. Even our packaging is made from bamboo!