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★★★★★ Rated 4.9 out of 5 PERFECT FITChoose maximum comfort LONG

Perfection may not exist, but we at LELOSI have come very close to it.

8 cm high waist

Wearing LELOSI leggings you will feel comfortable in all activities. This is ensured by an 8 cm high waist, thanks to which the leggings always stay in place.

Breathable material

The material of LELOSI leggings stands out due to an innovative membrane that creates air flow and wicks away moisture. This way your skin can breathe and doesn’t sweat.

Exceptional softness of LELOSI fibres

LELOSI fibers are gentle, but at the same time extremely durable. They are the best approximation of natural organic silk, so they provide you with unparalleled comfort in everything you do.

0% transparency

You can always be carefree wearing LELOSI clothing, as the material is 0% transparent and enables you unlimited possibilities to combine different colors and styles.


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Black Mamba

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LELOSI leggings are my absolute favorite piece of clothing in the closet! The reason for that is that these leggings can be worn on literally any occasion: during an easy workout, walks in nature, resting at home, and even in a business or classy version if combined properly. I also like the stretchiness and softness of the material and I feel like they are my second skin indeed! I warmly recommend them if comfort and functionality are your priority when shopping for clothes!

Neda N.


LELOSI leggings are absolutely soft and comfy. I can't imagine better material. Best leggings for home office but also for walks in the nature.

Andrea C.


Just one sentence to say it all… LELOSI leggings are THE BEST !!!!

Tina Z.


We recommend washing them on a delicate laundry program at 30 degrees. It's very important to turn the prints on the inside.
Drying in the dryer is not allowed.
Do not use bleach!

When choosing the correct size, you can help yourself with the size table that is posted next to every item on our website.
If you can't decide on the appropriate size even after you checked the table, please contact us at info@lelosi.com and we will help you.

The leggings are not transparent. Partial transparency can only occur when the wrong size is chosen - in this case the material can be overstretched, so choosing the right size is important.

LELOSI leggings have a high waist, are very stretchy and do not feel restricting, that's why many pregnant customers love to wear them. However, it also depends on the body, the size of the abdomen etc.

Of course you can exchange them. Please search for the form for exchange. You will receive all the information there. If you have any more questions please contact us at info@lelosi.com and we will be happy to help you.

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