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Naturally Stylish. Naturally Kind. Naturally You.

Why choose BAMBOO?


Kind to the skin, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and super soft, keeping your skin happy.

Super soft and strong

Durable, strong and super soft, this fibre results in long lasting clothing you will be able to enjoy in years to come.

Resistant to UV rays

Bamboo viscose is naturally resistant to UV rays that can damage the skin.

Ecologically Kind

Lightness, breathability and softness. These qualities are harnessed through an eco-friendly manufacturing process to produce beautifully elegant, practical pieces.

Bamboo collection

Our bamboo collection includes a range of clothing for men and women. Check out our amazing dresses, tunics, tops, pants, tracksuits and sweaters that offer a sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

Shorts Rosy

31.00 €

Shorts Playa

34.00 €

Shorts Latte

31.00 €

Shorts Ibiza

34.00 €
LELOSI – Innovative Fashion

As a science-led fashion brand, we understand that just because a fibre is sourced from nature, it does not mean that it is kind to nature.

Tremendous care and thought goes into each of our materials. With our ground-breaking fabric, we developed a material that closely mimicked nature without spoiling it!

Our limited production of bamboo clothing is the latest expression of the principles of sustainability, science, comfort and style- that are at LELOSI’s core.

Shorts Latte

The Latte design carries the same splendid beige color perfect for a day at the beach or simply for a stroll in the park. It’s soft and comfortable and looks amazing.
31.00 €